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Maharees Conservation Association

Enhancing, Protecting and Preserving
the unique coastline of the Maharees

How can you help?

  • Keep off the sand dunes
  • No wild camping - camp only in official areas.
  • Do not litter
  • Get involved in our beach clean ups
  • Help with Marram grass planting and Chestnut Fencing
  • March 2016 > September 2017
  • Domestic and Fishing Rubbish

  • Burning Rubbish

  • Dune Erosion

  • Illegal Camping

  • Lack of Parking

  • Illegal campfires

What are the Issues?

  • Illegal Wild camping - Tents and campervans
  • Parking on vulnerable areas.
  • Littering and lack of respect to the area
  • Beach plastics and fishing related rubbish
  • Loss of Habitiat / Habitat destruction from wind and wave energy made worse by human factors
  • Parking issues

  • Illegal Parking

  • Raw Sewage at the pier

Who are the Maharees Conservation Association?

The Association was formed in 2016 following the extreme stormy winters of 2013 / 2015 / 2016 where the coastlinewas battered by huge swells and strong on shore prevailing winds.

During the winter of 2015-2016 the council were summoned over 15 times to clear the roads from wind driven sand which had become inpassable.

It was clear that the dunes were taking an enourmous impact and were the only barrier protecting the community from the wrath of the winter storms.

A community meeting was held in February 2016 and various people were invited to talk including Dr Eugene Farrell of NUI Galway who specialises in coastal geomorphology. His talk and presentation helped galvanise the community into urgent action.

It was decided to form a community association to help work and highlight the issues that need to be addressed. Foremost was the protection and enhancement of the unique dune systems of the Maharees.

15 members originally voluntereed to the committee including:

Martin Lynch, Trish Browne, Ray Buckley, Sean Spillane, Denis Cronin, Pat Browne, Marie Lynch O’Connor, Tom Scanlon, Aidan O’Connor, Eileen Walsh, Katherine Syme, Martha Farrell, Peter Hennessy, Jamie Knox, Huw Roberts.

Why protect the Maharees

The Maharees is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. A natural tombolo, and special area of conservation, boasting one of the longest sandy beaches in Ireland on Brandon Bay; it is an engine of tourism for the north side of the Dingle Peninsula, providing employment, recreation and revenue and acting as a tourist draw for Castlegregory and its environs. Dune systems shift naturally. However recent patterns, particularly during and after extreme weather conditions, have gone far beyond the traditional ebb and flow of the dunes and are threatening the delicate ecosystem and causing major concern to the inhabitants of the Maharees. There is only one access road in and out of the community, and in the three months leading up to February 2016, Kerry County Council has had to clear sand from the same stretch of road at least twelve times. The repeated blockage of the road poses a health and safety hazard as it could impede access for emergency vehicles and medical assistance. There are also associated economic risks as residents and visitors are hindered from attending work or bringing business to the area.

The plan

The Maharees Conservation Association was formed to address the adverse impact of Coastal Erosion by raising awareness and putting in place practical measures and a comprehensive management plan to ensure the future of the coastline for all to enjoy. Rock armour placed along one section of Brandon Bay in the 1980s has proven very successful in protecting and regenerating part of a highly degraded dune system. We are seeking a long-term solution to the problem of coastal erosion from our local and national representatives. Help us by: sign PetitionSigning our petition Facebook Join us on Facebook